Five of the Best Christmas Gifts for Guys

best gifts for guys1 – Tickets -Price Range: £20 – £500

These could be tickets to our favourite football team, to learn sky diving, the cinema, theatre or whatever else we loves doin’. But for guys, getting us tickets to something we enjoy is a great gift any time of year.

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best christmas gifts for men2 – Sports Cars – Price Range: £20,000+

Yep, the keys to a DB9 or an F Type really would be a Christmas gift no guy would forget. Even if you combine it with the ticket idea and we have to give them back after a few laps of the track.

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Best gift for musical guys3 – Headphones – Price Range: £25 – £350

We love being able to take a few moments to sit back and unwind, loose ourselves in music and just drift away for a while. Unwrapping a great set of headphones is never a disappointment, so go ahead and treat him to music.

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best christmas gift for the man4 – Alcohol

Price Range: £15 to £100

Unless we’re tea total, a bottle of our favourite tipple really goes down well. Whether whisky, brandy or beer, having a bottle on hand to sip from through the Christmas festivities is something that’ll be appreciated long into the new year.

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5 – Socks – Price Range: £5 – £30

OK, so socks made it onto the list, yeah they are over gifted, and yes slightly dull. But not having to go out and buy new socks for a few weeks is always appreciated. For an extra treat, Bamboo socks are a great step towards foot wrapping perfection.

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