How Can I Connect Bluetooth Headphones to my Non-Bluetooth TV?


So you want to kick back, relax and unwind on your couch, but the kids have just settled down and any sudden loud noises could send you back to the beginning of the bedtime routine.

Of course, you can trail a cable from the TV, across the floor, around the coffee table and up to your favourite armchair, but this is the 21st Century. There must be a way to connect wirelessly.

Indeed there is, we offer two solutions, the August MR250 (currently £19.75 on Amazon), a Bluetooth Transmitter that plugs into your TVs headphone socket and uses technical wizardry to conjour up the sound of your TV into your favourite Bluetooth headphones.

For double the magic, our August MR270 (currently at £34.95 on Amazon) connects two whole pairs of headphones at the same time. Superb.

4 thoughts on “How Can I Connect Bluetooth Headphones to my Non-Bluetooth TV?

  1. My new tv doesnt have a headphone jack. I have your august bluetooth headphones is there another way to make them work?
    Regards John o

    1. Hi John, thank you for your enquiry. If you check the back of your TV, it should have a composite audio out. An adaptor from the red and white composite cables can be used to connect it to an MR250 or MR270 Bluetooth transmitters.

      If there’s no composite out, then check for an optical audio out, the MR270 can be connected via an optical cable too!

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