Is Jet Noise a Constant Bother on Long Flights? Here’s The Solution


Do you hate long flights just because of the unpleasant noise of the jet engines you have to bear?


Ever heard of noise cancelling headphones?

Yes, but are they really worth buying?

This is one question that has often been asked because of two major reasons: One, some people think that the claims made by the manufacturers sound too good to be true and second, they generally believed to be on the higher end on the price scale.

If these are your concerns too, then you have come to the right place. This blog is specifically written to clear these misconceptions. While it is true that most noise canceling headphones are quite expensive, there is always an exception. In this case, it is the “Active Noise Cancelling Earphones” by August International.

What’s so Special About Them?

You must be thinking what’s so special about August International’s noise canceling earphones.

These earphones are not only available at an affordable price, but also do more than the name suggests. In addition to canceling out low-frequency background noises, they allow users to receive and make calls without having to take their phones out; thanks to the integrated microphone.

Want more?

You do not have to plug them into a power supply every now and then for charging as they come with an AA power bank. Sounds perfect for long flights, right?

But what if you forget to take the power bank with you?

No worries at all. These amazing active noise cancelling earphones can also be plugged into literally any power bank, micro USB and smartphone for charging.

How Do These Tiny Headphones Cancel the Loud Engine Noise?

To cancel out the loud engine noise and provide users with peace and quiet, these tiny headphones depend on a revolutionary processing system as well as its microphone.

When you are on a plane, it detects the background engine noise.; then, it creates its own noise of the same but inverse wavelength. The two opposing sound waves cancel out each other, resulting in “silence”.

Now, you won’t be sleep deprived after a long flight. Also, you can read your favourite book, complete your half-written article or prepare notes for your meeting.

Anyone taking a long flight should invest in buying August International’s latest product. It is a must-have, particularly for those who spend a huge chunk of their time traveling, such as business persons. Believe us; these will make your in-flight time a lot better.

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