Valentines Day Gifts for Men

Valentines day gifts for men

It’s that time of year when couples all over the world express their love for each other while commemorating Saint Valentine.

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one is a tiresome process, particularly for men. Traditional flowers and chocolates are too boring for them and you have probably already given him many shirts or wristwatches. So, why not be different this year and give him something useful: Something that doesn’t keep lying in the corner of his room and instead, something he will actually love and use.

What could it be?
We have come up with 3 different and useful gift ideas for your man. Take a look and make your Valentine’s Day shopping stress free.

1. Dual Bluetooth Transmitter for TV – August MR270
Guys love spending weekends watching movies or their favourite shows. With the Dual Bluetooth transmitter, the whole experience will become all the more enjoyable. Unlike regular Bluetooth transmitters, there will be no delay between the image and the sound. Another amazing benefit of this Bluetooth transmitter by August is that it can transmit audio to a couple of headphones. That means you can have a movie night together this Valentine’s Day.
This device is especially useful for the couples who can’t enjoy movie nights or their favourite songs just out of the fear of disturbing kids in their sleep or studies. All you need to do is to connect this device to your television via the headphone socket, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

2. Active Noise Cancelling Earphones – August EP720
Does your partner love to travel? Does he like to have pin drop silence when he is working? Active Noise Cancelling Earphones by August are just what your partner needs. By suppressing the ambient noise, it provides complete silence to the user, whether they want to listen to music, talk to someone over the phone or simply, want some peace of mind. The fact that it reduces the deafening sound of jet engines to sound like a mere whisper is enough to convince one to buy this product.

3. Bluetooth Hat – EPA20B
Yes! You read it right. It’s a hat with Bluetooth. What could be a better gift for a guy this winter season than something that not only keeps him warm, but also allows them to enjoy music, attend and even make calls with hands free calling, and also to control the music volume without even taking his phone out of the pocket?
Want to know more?
This thermal hat is warm and very lightweight and as a standby battery time of 60 hours. Isn’t it great?

Visit the August International website to learn more about these products and choose the one that best suits your man’s interests. Happy Valentine’s!

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