What are Multi-Room Speakers?

WiFi Multiroom Speakers

A simple wireless Bluetooth speaker is great to listen to music in a single room or on the go. However, if you’re looking for a system that offers the flexibility to control a home full of music from your cellphone or tablet, MultiRoom Wi-Fi speakers are the way to go.

MultiRoom Wi-Fi speaker systems give you the ability to control the music from speaker to speaker, meaning you can sync the tunes throughout your house or play custom playlists in every room. And as the music is played straight from the net, you can turn your phone off (or just stop the WiFi connection to save battery) without the music stopping.

To create powerful soundscapes, each individual speaker in a room can be set to play either the left, right channel or both channels. This can give a truly immersive experience to your music and provides fantastic quality of sound.

WiFi speaker systems are able to stream music in lossless formats, so combined with a Tidal account, High-res audio can be brought to your home wirelessly. Great for audiophiles and music lovers alike.


WiFi Speakers To get you started on your MultiRoom experience, we have recently released two WiFi Speakers, the WS300 and WS150, both provide crystal clear sound wire-free.

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