When will we see the end to wires?

iPhone 7 Headphones

Apple have taken a step towards a wireless future, the end of the headphone jack in their range of high end smartphones combined with the release of their wireless earbuds is an indication of things ahead.

This is awesome. A future free of  tangles, trips and snags, no more cable spaghetti. No searching for wires, no dodgy connections causing static. If the future is wireless, we can’t wait. But do we have to?

Well, no, all Apple has done is force their users into wireless audio. Lightning headphones and speakers are few and far between so to upgrade your iPhone 7 headphones, you will inevitably end up looking at Bluetooth headsets.

Apples own Airbuds aren’t being released until late October and one of the only lightning connector headphones that we’ve seen, the Philips Fidelio wired headphones for the iPhone 7 are selling out fast, despite the £200 price tag.

If you’re looking to upgrade from the included earbuds to Wireless Overear iPhone 7 Headphones, we are only slightly biased in recommending our EP650s, and if you can’t wait till the end of October for true wireless stereo, get ahead of the game with our MS625 TWS speakers.

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