Which Headphones? Part Two – The Features

Which Headphones

After choosing your Style (see Part One, The Style), no matter which you settled on, the next choice is which additional features are right for you.

Wired vs Wireless Headphones

Wired headphones are generally less expensive than their wireless counterparts, but there are strings attached to the cost savings. Being tethered to your source device may be OK in some situations but there are a lot of times where the wire gets in the way.

Wireless headphones give you the freedom to move around without being tied to your phone or TV. This is a real advantage as it eliminates cables trailing across the living room, and means that you don’t have to take your phone on the treadmill, it can be left in your bag as it streams music to fuel your workout.


Benefits of NFC Headphones

If you’ve settled on Wireless Bluetooth headphones, NFC is an addition that can make life simpler. You can just tap your NFC compatible mobile against the headphones for it to pair automatically. This speeds up the connection process and stops you from having to go through the settings of your phone.


Active Noise Cancelling

By design, most headphones eliminate some background noise. But if you are planning to use your headphones on long haul flights, train journeys or anywhere that there’s constant background noise, active noise cancelling can make a dramatic impact and add peace to your travels. The effects are targeted at low frequency, bass heavy sounds, so it will cut out engine drone without impacting chatter.

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