Add Bluetooth To Any Media Device With Bluetooth Headphone Adaptor


Bluetooth technology, like many other modern day advancements, has revolutionized our lives. Gone are the times when the only way to connect a cell phone or laptop to another was through a data cable. With the amazing Bluetooth technology, sharing files with someone else is just few taps away.

Also, it was due to this Bluetooth technology that we were able to get rid of the cable between your TV/ smart phone/ laptop/ tablet and headphones. Whether you are listening to music or watching your favourite TV show now, there is no wire to restrict your movement. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wireless freedom.

It is due to its amazing benefits that Bluetooth technology has quickly made its way into many modern devices.

But, what we find the most amazing is the way it has revolutionized the whole experience of watching television. With Bluetooth technology and wireless headphones, one does not need to lower the volume just because others are getting disturbed or adjust his timings for watching TV according to others’ schedules. You can now watch a movie late at night without having to worry about others getting disturbed in their sleep or listen to music while children are studying. But, you need two things for this:

  • Bluetooth headphones
  • A smart device with Bluetooth technology

Now, here comes the problem!

While it is easy to buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones and we all can easily afford them, but most of us do not have Bluetooth technology in any device apart from our new cell phones or perhaps tablets.

Is there a way to add Bluetooth to Television without having to buy a new one?

Definitely there is!

Buy a Bluetooth Adaptor. It is as simple as that.

What Is A Bluetooth Adaptor?

Bluetooth adaptor is a small, USB like device that sends and receive Bluetooth signals. When attached to any media device, the adaptor adds Bluetooth to it making it possible for you to get the device connected with any Bluetooth headphones.

What To Look For While Buying A Bluetooth Adaptor?

The most important thing to consider while buying a Bluetooth adaptor is to consider your needs. Two types of such adaptors are available in the market; majority allows you to connect only one headphone set while there are only few that pair up with two headphone sets. August International’s aptx Dual Bluetooth Transmitter is one of those few varieties of adaptors that send the audio to two devices at the same time. You can either pair it with two sets of headphones, or Bluetooth speakers or to two different audio devices.

Another amazing feature of this product that makes it rank at the top of the list of Bluetooth adaptors is that it has wonderful connectivity. It can be easily connected with almost all non-Bluetooth devices.


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