What Is Multi-Room Audio?

Are you a music lover and want your favorite songs to be played in your house all the time?

Do you like to listen to your favorite singer while doing daily house chores?

Do you want to hear the music in every corner of your house?

Do you hate it when you are unable to listen to the audio in kitchen or while doing laundry?

If your answers to the above questions are ‘yes’, then you must be always on the lookout for products and ways to increase the volume and quality of the audio of your stereo system.

If you are a music freak, ‘multi-room audio’ must not be a new term for you.

What Is ‘Multi-Room Audio”?

Making rounds since a couple of years, ‘multi-room audio’, as the name suggests, means audio that can be heard in more than one rooms. This enables users to listen to music in multiple rooms and not just in the one where the stereo is installed.

Multi-room audio system is comprised of wireless speakers that connect to apple or android devices via Wifi internet, and play the songs from the music list on your cell phone, computer, tablet, CD or from any online streaming service.

Now, whether you want the same song to be played all over the house or a different one in each room , is totally your choice.

Once reserved for the privileged rich people, multi-room audio is now in everyone’s reach; thanks to the numerous rival technology companies that are coming up with more affordable options of every technology and gadget to increase their customer base.

How does “Multi-Room Audio” Work?

It’s really simple; even for those who are not tech savvy. All you have to do is to connect each wireless speaker to your home Wi-Fi via thesetup wizard and then simply control the music with your Android or Apple device.

Finding the Right Multi-Room Audio Speakers

Experts suggest considering the following factors while looking for the right multi-room audio system for you:

  1. The size of the speakers according to your needs and space
  2. Number of rooms you want to play music in
  3. Other gadgets or gears that you want to use with it, for example, home theatre.
  4. Sources of music, such as online streaming services, CDs, cell phones, computers, tablets.

Why You Should Buy August WS 150 Multi-Room Wifi Speakers?

The answer to this question is really simple; because of their high performance, durability and ease of control. They also have 22 hour long internal battery that allows you to take the audio wherever you go. Bluetooth and Airplay connectivity is given in August’s speakers as an alternative way to keep the music playing during the times when wifi is not working, or when you are on the move.

Click here to learn more about the specifications of multi-room wifi speakers by August.

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