August EP614 – Bluetooth Sport Wireless Earphones


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  • Wireless Sports Earphones – Secure ear hook design keeps your headphones in your ears
  • Custom Ear Pieces – Interchangeable earbuds give you comfortable and well fitting earphones
  • Built in microphone and remote control – Control your music and answer your calls directly from the earphones
  • EQ Compatible – Change the soundstage with any EQ app available on the Apple or Play store
  • Rechargeable Battery – Simply charge using standard micro USB cables after each workout. No changing battery required.
Colour Name:Black

Wireless Sport Earphones
Everyone likes listening to music when they’re working out. No-one likes having to deal with the cables that get in the way. Well now you don’t have to! Excel your workouts.

We know not all ears at the same! With changeable ear pieces and comfortable hooks you can customise the earphones to fit perfectly for the most comfortable experience.

Hands Free
With a built in microphone and remote control, you can not only control your music from the earphones but answer calls directly and speak hands free.

Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth 4.0 is more energy efficient than previous bluetooth versions, giving you a longer battery life.

Weighing only 17g, you’ll barely notice them whether you’re in the gym or out and about. With an around the ear design they won’t fall out like other earphones do.