How many WiFi Speakers can I use at Home?

Speaker Stack

If you are setting up a multiroom speaker system, you’ll be wondering how many speakers you are able to add to it without using up all your bandwidth.

It’s the transmission rate of your router that will dictate this, we have some basic recommendations in the table below. Bear in mind, that if you are streaming movies or blasting online bad guys through X-Box live at the same time, then this will have an impact on the limits.

When it’s just you, a Smart TV and a couple of laptops that are competing for Bandwidth, the table below will show you how many speakers you can comfortably stream.

Transmission RatesNumber of Speakers


If you are looking to create an 8 Speaker mega network to use with your WS series speakers, we’d recommend the TP-LINK TD-W8980 as a solid stable router.

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